A film by:
Rowan Wernham & James Robinson

Original Music & Sound By:
Chris Knox

Produced By:
Thierry Jutel


Animation Production Assistant:
Will Marler

Camera Rig Construction:
Paul Wernham

Compositing and animation:
Rowan Wernham

Additional Compositing:
Jamie Morris, Stafford Wilson & Timo Lenton

Sound Design and FX:
Chris Knox & Rowan Wernham

Additional Music by:
Teen Wolf

Initial Sound Recording & FX:
Ben Crawford and Chris Foreman

Final Sound Mixing & Design:
Max Scott


Thanks to:
John Irwin, Robber's Dog Films, Sam Peacocke, Ian Mccarroll, Liquid Studios, U.S. Army, L.Ron Hubbard, Phillip K.Dick, Al Quida, Snake Beings, Wendyhouse, Seargent Gallery, Jim Cooper, Katrina Thompson, Scott Flannigan, Jo Robertson, Matt Hunt, David Hall, Yuantzee, Mum, T&E.


Produced with assistance from the Screen Innovation Production Fund.

Festival submissions and promotion by Robyn Kenealy

© 2011 Black Water Pictures